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The game is simple: You need to beat Trump at his own game by pointing out what is true and what is not, and by being a bigger clown than him!

Warning: We are not responsible if your brain shrinks after playing.

How to play

  1. Carefully separate the answer cards (blue cards) from the rest of the deck (red cards).
  2. Before playing, make sure that the cards are shuffled and placed in the middle of the playing surface.
  3. One after another, each player picks the card on top of the deck and reads it out loud (to make things even more interesting, try reading the card with Trump’s voice!).
  4. If it is a quotation card, everyone else has to guess if Trump actually said that quote, or if it is fake news, using their answer card to do so! Every player who has a good answer gets a point.
  5. If it is a Trump card, everyone has to do what the card asks. If there is a decision to make, the player who has picked the card will act as the judge. Only the player who wins gets a point.
  6. Winning the game: The first player to successfully beat Trump at his own game and to get 10 points wins!

Other ways to play the game:

  • Drinking game! (18+) : If you want to spice things up, pour yourself a drink and every time you get a wrong answer, drink it!
  • In teams! : If you are more of a team player, you can form teams of 2 players or more and try to convince one of your friends to act as the game master, who will read every card, and make every decision!

In the box:

220 cards in total

  • 144 quotation cards (84 truth and 60 fake news)
  • 56 Trump cards (22 fill in the blank, 15 most likely, 12 made-up Trump quote and 7 Imitation)
  • 10 answer cards
  • 9 blank cards
  • 1 Instruction card


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